“I see Wonderful Things”

These were the words uttered by Howard Carter, when he glimpsed the golden treasures of Tutankhamun’s tomb by illuminated by candlelight. The Perth Convention centre hosted one of the most spectacular museum exhibits I have seen (trust me i have seen many). Each one of these recreations is a work of art in itself, and seemed to be incredibly accurate created using the traditional methods that are over thousands of years old.


(Above)An accurate recreation of the treasures found in theĀ antechamberĀ of the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, all painstakingly recreated for the Exhibition. (Below) The colorised black and white photo as Howard Carter found it.


The exhibition itself was did a great job with educating the visitors on the Boy Pharoah, along with the audio guide two cinematic short documentaries, the first one detailing the life of his father the Iconoclast worshiper of the Sun disk Aten, Akhenaten who is credited with the founding of the worlds first monotheistic religion. The second video details Tutankhamun’s reign and his disappearance into history as the final ruler of the 18th dynasty, and of how he restored the old pantheon his father had destroyed.


(above) A replica of a statue depicting Tutankhamun’s, many pharaohs had carved out the names of the predecessors replacing it with their on on the front of the statue. however since it had its backed to the wall none knew that Tutankhamun’s name was engraved also on the back, showing its original owner.

The replica of the gilded room that contained the sarcophagi of the Boy Pharaoh, The original burial place was one of the only to remain untouched by robbers for millennia until the archeologist Howard Carter rediscovered it. It depicts a the sacred cow.



(above and below) The richly detailed sarcophagi of the Pharaoh, (replica)


A diorama showing the removal of the heavy remains.
Canopic Jars holding organs that were removed after death to be used in the afterlife.

Replicas of Various Treasures found in 1922

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